Past Cure: Was The Demo Enticing?

By Nav | 21 Feb 2018
With a name like Past Cure, I was heading into the game not knowing what to expect. The cover shows a man with a gun and some fancy art flying off the man. You would forgive me if I told you that I originally thought I was going to be playing a Quantum Break type of game. I wasn't far off, I was given the opportunity to play the Past Cure demo via Steam for PC, and opted to use my Xbox Controller for Windows.

Past Cure starts with a gentleman waking up in a cell, the cell is dark, and the noises around you are very eerie. I could tell from the start that I had walked into a scary type game that would offer jumps.

As I walked around and explored, I could tell that the game graphically was very good, the audio very crisp and the controls easy to handle. I had found my way out of the cell, I was greeted with a set of stairs, I used my head to look left and then right to see if there was anyone around the corner as my headphones pound the sounds of steps.

I was sure someone was close but as I walked down my heart would pound, I knew I was in a game where I was going to be greeted by the unexpected because I had walked into the game not knowing what I was about to unveil.

After gathering myself, I saw a figure dart across the hall; I had encountered the first sighting of my enemy! What had just walked past? Was it hunting for me or is it the reason I had woken in a cell?

I had many questions as I pushed on

Using my characters' ability to have an outer body experience and interact/view his surrounds I am able to progress and encounter my enemy. The enemy character is very plain, I was wondering why? I had questions about the design, not because I consider it as bad because I wanted to know what happened to these people to look this way.

Past Cure offered many puzzle tasks to do. Completing these tasks allowed you to progress further in the game. The tasks weren't too hard and were quite enjoyable as they allowed the game to progress without frustration, and kept that sense of excitement whilst slowing down the game.

The second half of the game changes to a modern day office environment, you are dressed in a black suit similar to Hitman and are required to shoot down your opponents to reach your destination.

This was a standard cover, shoot em up with the elements of a fist fighter. I personally wasn't too thrilled with the second half of the demo compared to the first half as I felt the gun's aiming pointer was difficult to control and because of this it made the level feel hard to manoeuvre through.

The first half of the demo offered so much while the second half felt like the game was on cruise control. Past Cure has a lot of potential, as the game's storytelling reminds me of titles like Quantum Break, Halo 2, and Assassins Creed in how the story changes between two different atmospheres. Roles also change as you unravel how and why your character is in the predicament he is in, and who that mysterious woman was that you saw at the beginning.

I hope the full game can keep up the quality level of the demo.

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