Beekyr Reloaded

By Nav | 18 Feb 2018
Beekyr, developed by KaleidoGames, follows the life of a bee where they collect that sweet nectar and build those heavy beehives. Life as a worker bee has never been easier, except for when you are protecting the Queen.

In the game Beekyr, this is no different; you experience the life of a bee in a fun, fast-paced game. Exploring each level, gathering power-ups, taking down rival enemies, and scoring the highest score possible.

End of Level

When reaching the end of your level, Beekyr runs you through a series of mini-bosses, each hitting you with a wave of attacks whilst teaching you to learn the various attacks, combinations, and skills your bee has.

Defeating the mini-boss can be a task in itself, whilst very rewarding and relaxing. Taking on the boss can result in you either losing lives or losing parts of your power-ups, where your attacks revert from a double/triple attack to a single attack.

Need for Speed

Beekyr reloaded offers different types of levels, you have your traditional level, a slower paced level, allowing you to take down your rivals, gain power-ups, and reach the boss.

The second level is a faster-paced level. In a high-speed environment, you must dodge obstacles in front you, ensuring you do not hit the ground around you whilst manoeuvring up and down and using your quick judgment to choose the right route to reach the end.

The third level type is a mixed level, inspired by games like Space Invaders you must attack and dodge attacks from your enemy, collecting the pieces that fall from your enemy; once you have filled your meter you will launch a final attack to complete the level.

Beekyr The Game

Beekyr is about beating the highest score, playing at the highest level, keeping your lives intact, and having that nostalgia feeling of being in the arcades when you’re actually sitting on your computer at home.

Beekyr is purely exciting, the controls are easy, the characters movements flow smoothly, the atmosphere of the game is beautiful, and the sound effects are crisp.

With all its positives, Beekyr can improve. As you progress through the game the levels feel very short and the level atmospheres are inconsistent. For an example, a sound effect may change from sunshine to heavy rain but the game does not reflect this -- sounds don't become slightly dampened when in heavy rain. Expanding on the game's atmosphere would give Beekyr another layer when compared to its competitors.

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The Good

Beautiful Sounds
Colourful Atmosphere
Fun Level Bosses

The Bad

Inconsistent Sounds
Short Levels


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