RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

By Gemma | 16 Feb 2018
Grimm Eclipse was originally a PC game released in 2016 and was then released on consoles in 2017. It features two modes, horde and campaign.

Horde Mode

Horde mode is fairly simple, you may either go in solo or as a group and you face off against waves of enemies in order to protect areas. The more damage you do the more currency you earn in order to purchase turret guns that do different things. The guns available are machine guns, grenade launchers, shotguns and an ice launcher, most of these weapons should be self explanatory. The waves get harder as it goes on and you have to spend a set amount of time in each area defending before moving on to the next, if you play in multiplayer you receive currency for being the most valued player in a wave or through the turrets you buy and also for your defence point not taking any damage. The horde map scales up depending on how many people are in your party and you also receive numerous trophies for completing the horde mode multiple times. There are an array of characters you can pick from and it's helpful picking one of your higher levelled characters to better aid you. The mode itself relies heavily on teamwork and communication, I played this mode regularly with a few friends and found it's best as a full team as once you get through the first couple of waves your team needs to split up to defend multiple points. Communication plays a major part deciding which turrets you want to get, I was partial to picking the ice turret in order to freeze my enemies which gave me time to hack and slash them and also for my team mates to do the same. Or, if we also had a machine turret up (which we usually would) it could deal damage to the frozen enemy, giving us a better advantage and able to do far better. The mode gets tedious after a while as there are a limited amount of maps and it is just repeated each time you play horde mode but it is rather enjoyable all the same.


The campaign mode really caught my attention in this game as it has so much replay ability. There are trophies available to get which require multiple playthroughs but it doesn't make the game tedious or boring, it is still thoroughly enjoyable as each character has different abilities and a different play style so each time you play the game it will be different and you will perform different. I loved the ability to play the campaign either solo or as a group and there are trophies for doing it either way. In multiplayer there is a trophy for running the campaign as a group of four from one of each team, the campaign itself isn't all that long, you can usually complete it in 2-3hrs without much difficulty and the game is very linear. The max level is 10 which usually takes the whole campaign to do, which is ideal because you receive trophies for maxing out a characters level and for finishing the campaign as each character. Each character uses different weapons or magic and has skills that you can level up throughout the campaign, you can also do team moves with players if timed right.
I was unsure on this game to begin with and wasn't sure how I would feel on it but after completing the campaign and horde mode a few times and levelling up some of the characters I have completely fallen in the love with the game and found it thoroughly enjoyable with lots of replay ability and has actually got me wanting to watch the anime it is based on.


A beautifully stunning game with multiple character choices and playthroughs, the story is linear and easy to follow although it is short, spanning 10 chapters and lasting around 2-3hrs. The game is rather cheap to buy and is definitely worth it for the amount you can do in the game, the 2 modes available allow for lots to do and you will never get bored of playing the games different modes. It helps to build teamwork and communication as well and the ability to play through the entire campaign as a group instead of solo, it's entertaining and a refreshing change as most games only allow for certain parts to be multiplayer, usually parts that aren't important to the growth of the story. The horde mode adds for endless hours of entertainment and trying to best you and your friends scores and to try to improve how well you do. If you enjoy anime games, games that involve endless waves or games which involve multiple playthroughs and can be done with friends or solo if no-one is free, then this is definitely one for you to try. Super enjoyable and fun and definitely a refreshing surprise.

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The Good

Multiple Playthroughs
Good Graphics & Music
Extensive Character List
Multiplayer Options

The Bad

Could Of Been Longer
Increased Level Cap
More Maps For Horde Mode


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