Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

By Gemma | 16 Feb 2018
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero was first a light novel back in 2010, with 11 books still presently in production, 3 manga productions in 2012, and 12 anime episodes with 7 OVA episodes spanning from July 2012 to September 2012.


Aesthetica is one of those otherworldy animes that is based on people being teleported to a world called Alayzard. This world is full of swords and magic, where the people who return from Alayzard to the human world usually develop some sort of ability that makes them unique. A special organization known as Babel takes them in and trains them to use their new abilities. The story is all about a wayward hero returning from Alayzard with a young female he must protect.


Akatsuki Ousawa

Our main protagonist, in the world of Alayzard he is simply named the Rogue hero. He becomes a hero the way most people do -- by killing an evil villain, in this case, a demon king (the last dark lord to be precise). However, in a strange twist when the dark lord only had a few breaths left he intrusted our hero to protect the dark lord's daughter Myuu. Akatsuki must keep her safe, so he brings her back to the Babel school in the real world. People who come back from Alayzard usually develop magical abilities but Akatsuki didn't pick up any magical abilities, instead, he picked up the ability to channel chi (which is a form of energy). He usually comes off as very arrogant and doesn't pay much attention in school, he has a lot of confidence in his own abilities but he is also extremely noble and protective of others. Even though he doesn't pay much attention in class he performs very well and takes in what happens, and though he lacks the ability to use magic he doesn't let that hinder him.


Myuu is the daughter of a dark lord and has been put under the protection of our main protagonist. She pretends to be his long-lost sister in order for people not to ask suspicious questions or wonder who she is, but she is very innocent and sweet and her looks are stunning and striking. She has pink hair with green eyes, she is often embarrassed throughout the anime due to the fact she finds it increasingly difficult to find clothes to fit her rather large assets for her age. She doesn't fully know how to feel about our male protagonist due to the fact she should despise him for the fact he killed her father, but also she feels a sense of gratitude for him saving her from her father's enemies and for bringing her to the real world to be protected. Mayuu has a wonderful magical ability to which she makes great use of and works well to help herself and others around her.

Other Characters

There are many other characters in this anime due to it being mainly in a school setting, there are normal school rivalries as well as wonderful friendships developed, and Mayuu finds herself fitting in well with others.
I adore the dynamic and how the school scenes work out, figuring out the abilities of each character, and using them to the best of their abilities to help progress as a group. The way Mayuu and our male protagonist work and grow together is wonderful to see -- going from being conflicted on how to feel, to falling in love with him and how they fit into the school dynamic and how different the two are but how they ultimately work well together. Him being melee and her being a magic caster, the whole school dynamic has been designed well with tasks to be completed in training exercises and other aspects of the school. Aspects like the wristbands they must wear which materialises a weapon matching their ability and desires, and also transforms their clothing to match. Everyone manages this easily apart from our male protagonist who ends up having to wear many wristbands in order to get a weapon to appear.


Aesthetica's blend of magical world and school life has been pulled off extremely well, the way they take bits from both and mix them together, the way the friendships develop amongst the classmates and how abilities develop, the rivalries that appear, and how our protagonists develop together to become better and work with each other -- in a way to benefit themselves and others -- and how their relationships changes between them. Animes involving magic always speak to me and take me out of my own head and this does just that. I love the way it has been done and how it combines magical aspects as well as melee fighting. It has comical aspects, and some slightly perverted tendencies -- but with a big-bosomed woman struggling to fit into her clothes it was bound to be a tad perverted. It's one of those animes that can be hit and miss, but it's defiently one worth watching and enjoying the life they lead within the show.

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