Love Tyrant

By Gemma | 16 Feb 2018
Love Tyrant started out as a manga back in 2012 and was published in an online magazine called Aplix’s Comic Meteor. The anime itself was published in 2017 and ran for 2 months with a total of 12 episodes. It's a good length for an anime, not too short and not too long, making it perfect to watch in between longer animes or when animes you usually watch are on a break.


Love Tyrant, when it opens up, seems to follow death note with the fact they have a kissnote book, which works on the same principle with names being written in a book and an event happens. It just so happens this event involves kissing and falling in love. Any couples name put in the book, even if they weren't previously in love, would instantly fall in love and kiss which would then permanently keep them together. This interesting book is owned by one of our main characters, Guri, who seems to be a cosplaying angel. She turns up at our main protagonist's, Seiji's, door delivering his untimely fate of if he doesn't kiss whoever she names him with he is doomed to stay a virgin forever. Guri has some weird notions she thoroughly enjoys pairing men together and offers to pair our main protagonist with a man, to Seiji refuses and admits he has a crush on someone from his school. Guri then proceeds to help by placing both names in her book so his crush falls in love with him. The anime plays while our protagonist helps Guri fulfil her tasks of making people fall in love -- she is in some terms a cupid angel -- he also helps her understand the world more. The show involves a large amount of comedy, love, yandere tendencies, craziness, strange going ons and even a love triangle.



Guri, our Cupid angel, is a unique individual. She is a cosplaying angel who first appears dressed as a shinigami showing up at our protagonist's door. She tells him his fate -- that he must kiss someone he is paired with in her book or forever be a virgin. Guri is extremely naive in the notion of love, and really doesn't understand it or how it works, and often pairs people up just for her enjoyment and pleasure. At least to begin with, as later on she realises she must do it for others happiness and it provides more happiness than her own enjoyment did. She regularly wears different cosplays throughout the anime in an attempt to figure out who she is and to also conduct awful shenanigans without being detected. She starts off not knowing what love is and not caring in the slightest that she has entered herself into a love square with our main protagonist and two others. But later in the anime she starts to understand what love is and is finding herself developing real feelings for our protagonist to the point she comes to realise she, in fact, loves him.


Our main Protagonist he enjoys keeping to himself, and being alone and quietly crushes on our Yandere character, until Guri comes along and changes that.
 She pushed herself into Seiji's life completely, to point Guri begins living with him. She then ropes him into helping complete her cupid tasks. He is a kind-hearted person as he doesn't want to do anything to hurt people, and always does his best to please everyone -- or to at least keep them happy. Guri places him in a relationship with our Yandere character, which, until the relationship started he was under the impression she was just a lovely innocent woman but that quickly changes and her Yandere tendencies begin to show. He helps Guri and the others to try to give himself a peaceful life. Seiji started the anime as a normal human, but shortly after meeting Guri he is made immortal by the fact she puts him and others into a relationship with her making them immortal. They can still feel pain, which is an odd twist, as he regularly gets injured throughout the anime but more in a comical way due to how people hurt him purely because they know he won't die they just wish to inflict the pain on him.


Our Yandere character and one of my favourite Yandere characters I have ever watched. She starts off innocent, like most Yanderes, but once she is entered into the book by Guri she shows her love for Seiji and becomes insanely Yandere, and jealous when he speaks to other girls or is seen in compromising scenes with girls, or even just with Guri. Akane runs around with large knives prepared to hurt anyone who tries to get in the way of her and Seiji, which is typical of a Yandere, but she is also willing to stab him for how he behaves because she knows he won't die -- she believes he will learn from it. Akane also has a strange background which is explained throughout the anime, and it leads you to understand more about why she is the way she is and how she wields her weapons the way she does. With Akane now in the relationship she too becomes immortal but brings with her 2 other characters. One a seemingly innocent and normal young girl, and the other an utterly crazy deranged young girl -- both who know Akane from childhood.


Yuzu turns out to be Akane's half-sister but this isn't known until much later in the anime, she has a very strange power in which she can make a shield around her. This isn't weird in itself, but these shields are her family, or things she cares about. She is in love with Akane, which is an odd notion in itself, and hates Seiji with a passion for taking Akane away, so when Yuzu discovers the book and what it does she gets her name put in the book along with Akane, Seiji, and Guri which completes our love square. She usually stalks Akane in order to protect her, but later warms to Seiji and slightly develops feelings for him. She becomes fast friends with Guri and the two become thick as thieves for some time.


Shikimi is a crazy and very sadistic character. She takes immense pleasure from stealing things from people just so she has it and they dont. She also has a weird love of torturing people and causing them harm, even though when she knows Seiji can't die she still loves to torment him and cause him pain. She is the cousin of Yuzu and Akane and constantly goes out of her way to anger Akane and cause her to become violent. Shikimi tries to join the love square but Guri refuses due to knowing Shikimi has no feelings towards any of them and just wishes for the immortal part of the deal.


I adored this anime and ended up binge-watching a lot of it because I wanted to find out how the characters developed. Alongside, how the plot twist would turn out, and what lay ahead for our characters. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I really hope they bring out a second season in the future. The tendencies Akane display had me definitely wanting more, as I adore Yandere characters and she was defiently exactly what I expected, if not more. The different personalities of the characters really brought the anime together, it wasn't just a sappy love story, a humorous anime, or a crazy violent show it was a mix of all things I love. It was mixed perfectly, so definitely worked out. Love Tyrant is definitely an anime I recommend you go watch.

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