PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

By ZI Ricochet Gaming | 25 Jan 2018
The game that truly separates the wheat from the chaff in the perfect balance between luck, strategy and execution. This is a game where the weak and unprepared are quickly dispatched while the ‘strong’ are out-gunned, out-smarted and out-lived.

Love or hate them, we have all watched Battle Royale or the Hunger Games (Totally not a rip off- Don’t be a hater) and thought how exceptionally awesome it would be to be pitted against strangers in a bid to sneak, scavenge and survive the odds in a free for all arena. Lucky for us the guys over at PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole, heard our cries for bloodlust and thus have created this goliath of a demon that demands sacrifice. A lot of sacrifice. By now, with the internet as saturated as it is with PUBG, you don’t need me to go into detail about what the game is or how it works. You drop out of a plane, you drop the competition, you drop into the top ten and then you drop your controller with euphoria or throw it in rage. HOWEVER what I am here to tell you is how is makes you feel and why that makes it awesome. The sensation of having to fight your natural ‘fight or flight’ reflexes when you hear the front door creak open. The thousand thoughts that exploded into your mind when your crosshairs line up on an unbeknown

“I could kill him now so he can’t kill me later.. but what If I miss? What If someone hears me nearby? What if someone else sees my muzzle flash and starts sniping me? Do I even have ammo to pick him off as he inevitably runs? Maybe he doesn’t run.. MAYBE HE HAS A BETTER SCOPE THAN ME AND KILLS ME!? WHAT IF HE’S WORKING WITH SOMEONE ELSE AND THIS IS ALL A TRAP!??!?” The adrenaline surge is real and it’s addictive. Many nights I have found myself ready to come off when the PUBG demon whispers to me, “One more game. You’re better than that. That was a poor performance, how can you sleep after that?” And what do you know - I’m jumping out of a plane for my 6th ‘Last game’, it’s 3am and I have work in 4 hours. I really wish I was joking for the sake of this article but I’m really not. I think have a problem.

The smart aspect of the game are the variables. Now for any fallout fans, am I wrong in suggesting that one of the best bits about fallout are all the random events? I’m talking about Wild Wasteland in NV, all the bugs and glitches in 3 and of course all the little one-off encounters in 4. Encounters that only some of have experienced. They are essentially the glowing red cherry on the fairly perfect, radioactive cupcake. Why? Because it’s ‘random’. It only happened to us, so we think. That ‘off the script’ moment is what we tell our friends about - screaming that is was so awesome or weird or funny - pick an adjective. NOW the reason for my deviation is because those ‘off script’, one time moments are the keystones that make PUBG such an incredible game to play. The only thing that truly never changes is the geography of the map.
Everything else changes. The weapon spawns, the vehicle spawns, the play zone.. BUT The biggest, most unpredictable variable is YOU (and the other 99 people). EVEN IF you go to the same place Every. Single. Time. You will not play the same game twice. Maybe you get good guns, maybe you don’t. Maybe you drop alone or maybe 5 other guys drop with you. Maybe your totally safe but eventually you will have to leave safety to stay in the play zone. Maybe even the final zone is exactly where you dropped so you never need to move... but that means everyone still alive will be coming to that tiny zone and you better hope you picked up enough stuff in that one house to survive. Run, Hide. Raid or Cower, Shoot or Don’t Shoot - Every single decision you have to make, everyone in your game is making it too which is each game is so unpredictable.

I have played many games in my soon-to-be 24 years in the RGP we call life but I have never played a game which has both got into my head so much AND makes my heart genuinely pound. Remember that feeling of being the the last alive on your team playing S&D on COD? The
paranoia, the pressure. Imagine that as a constant for an entire game. Because that’s what PUBG is.

Now for the salty ragers out there, sorry Overwatch community I am looking at you (myself included), this game has a degree of sportsmanship. Granted there is still plenty of BS kicking around, especially on the XBOX edition right now as buildings/ weapons/backpacks don’t render immediately for sometimes a substantial about of time, but when it comes down to death.. I often find myself gurning with approval as I’m out sniped or outwitted. (Often in the last 1v1 of the game and often it’s two frag grenades landing each side of my cover) I’m not screaming at my TV, wondering why the hell I even torment myself with this game.. like I do with Overwatch EVERY SEASON. FOR REAL- IF YOU ARE PLAYING COMPETITIVE THEN USE YOUR BRAIN AND STOP THROWING THE GAME BY CHOOSING YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER. THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE TO PLAY AS KID. GIT GUD SCRUB 1v1 ME RUST FAM.


Anyway , other BS moments come down to those who struggle with aiming and opt for driving around, patrolling for foot soldiers to run down. It’s pretty cheap and if you have been running through the play zone for the last 10 minutes it does leave a sour taste in the mouth. However the awesome demigods over at PUBG corp. listen to their community and constantly bring out patches and updates - almost once every two weeks so now the buzzkills in the cars can be killed more easily as they have reduced the car health. In short, if they’re circling you like a shark, you can blow them up like Jaws (Sorry Jaws Spoiler).

If you are playing on Xbox, the PUBG corp. peeps said we are 6 months behind the PC people. That likely means any new weapons, new maps, clothing, cars - Everything.. We’ll get 6 months later. The graphics are not what the PC peeps are on yet and, given the bugs and crashes, I’m glad updating textures has not taken priority over fixing these game ruining bugs. Yes there are big bugs but remember this is a game preview and it will not be perfect. However these guys have now made millions off this game which they will hopefully be using to further enhance it. Use World of Tanks as an example, when it first came out it looked like a PS1 game but now, a few years later it’s in HD and it feels like a AAA game! This is what will happen this PUBG so it’s here to stay and it can only get better. Each update it gets less clunky and more kick ass.

So here’s a toast for PUBG’s future, and libations to all those you murder and massacre on your way to the chicken dinner filled table of Valhalla.

May the Odds be ever in your favour..
(C’mon, how could I not?)

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The Good

Unique / Never the Same game twice

The Bad

Buggy / Incomplete
Graphics are a little weak


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