Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta

By Saki Diaz | 21 Jan 2018
Legends rise in the newest addition to the Final Fantasy collection. Players take up arms as their favorite Final Fantasy characters in hopes to attain bragging rights and to save the world once more. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches with a roster of over 25 characters while introducing a whole new fighting style different from the gameís previous installments. The beta, which runs from January 12th to January 21st, is an opportunity that can not be passed.

A 3v3 Chaos

The original Dissidia games had players face off in fighting styles similar to various games in the Brawler/Fighting genre. Dissidia NT, however, introduces a new style to the franchise by the 3v3 team system. The game focuses on several years after the events of the original installment. The cycle, thought to have been broken, has restarted once more, this time though the goal is different. Instead of two sides fighting, each warrior fights to continue on in their world once more. Players can invite their friends as well as group up with other players around the world to form teams of three. These teams of three fight to knockout their opponents within a matter of minutes to come out victorious.

Players visit their favorite spots from the entire Final Fantasy series, battling the other team on grounds of Midgar, Alexandria, and more. Many of the stages in Dissidia NT have improved not only graphically, but space wise. The confined corners that were limited in the original Dissidia games are now expanded, with even more detail given to create an arena similar to the actual place designed in their respective games.

And whatís a Final Fantasy game without summons? Dissidia NT will launch with seven summons, all available in the beta. The seven summons are Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Odin, Leviathan, Bahamut, and Alexander. Players can have up to two of those seven summons for their play session, and expand on all seven when players on their team join. When the team enters a match, players will vote to choose one summon and the one that has the majority will be the summon for the entire team. Summons turn the tide of the battle and in order to use them effectively, players must go after cores. These cores help speed up the progress bar to activate the summoning rite. If an entire team can time it well, a summon will happen in only a matter of seconds to turn the tides of the battle.

Familiar Tricks, Challenging Moves

Many components from the original Dissidia installments are apparent in the beta. Attacks are still divided by Bravery and HP attacks. What is new, and tested in the beta, is the new rock-paper-scissors systems. All characters in the game are divided into four categories: Vanguard, Assassin, Marksman, and Specialist. While all characters can easily battle the other, if players hope to be the very best, a balanced team is needed to counter the opposing team.

Special abilities are separated into buffs and debuffs skills.
A buff skill can either help the team with raised power or a debuff skill can cause opponents to lose bravery. Bravery is the amount of power and damage that an HP attack can heal. Once the target is hit, Bravery resets to zero. A skilled player must avoid any damage though because a smart player can easily break players that are low on bravery. If broken, players who caused it will get double their bravery and can lead into a deadly HP attack.

Final Thoughts

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a difficult fighting game. It introduces a chaotic system that is different from your average brawler game. It focuses on teamwork and coordination. Many matches that are lost are due to poor communication and support. Itís easy to get teamed up on and even easier to get knocked out in a matter of seconds. As a whole game though, the beta focuses on online matchmaking and the offline arcade mode. A huge portion of the time spent in the game is building up your rank online.

I enjoyed the Dissidia franchise not only for the story, but for the simple fact I can play as my favorite Final Fantasy character and pit them against other characters in timeless scenery. I believe this is the best spin-off added to the series, and brings a lot of improvements as well as a different feel compared to itsí previous instalments. I predict that the game will be not only amazing, but always giving fresh new content with new characters to be added as well as skin, voice lines, and new music for fans to enjoy. If you are a Final Fantasy fan, then this is a game for you.

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The Good

Graphics improved greatly from the first games.
The music is nostalgic with original sounds.
The arenas are huge and allow more space.
A fighting game that focuses on online play.

The Bad

A chaotic way of fighting.
Easy to get slammed into walls and cornered.


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