Future Diary

By Gemma | 14 Jan 2018

Future Diary/Mirai Nikki

Future Diary, also known as Mirai Nikki, is possibly one of my favorite anime's. It consists of 26 episodes and an ova depicting events after the series ended. The series aired in 2011 with the original video animation (ova) airing in 2013.


Future Diary was my first step into any sort of yandere focused anime. Yandere is a type of anime character that is in a sense crazy in love to the point of pure obsession. They will happily harm anyone who tries to get in the way of them and their love, be that by murder or other means, and will easily get jealous and sometimes hurt their love in a fierce act of jealousy. The whole premise of Future Diary is that it is a game, different people are selected to play the game and each has a diary in the form of a cell phone, which contains a different power for each person. The style of the game is battle royale, players must fight and kill each other in order to acquire other future diaries and become the one remaining diary holder to claim the right to be heir. They are fighting to replace the god of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, as it is his time to move on. In essence, this game is a survival game. Who can survive and beat the others to become heir to the god of time and space and put a stop to an oncoming apocalypse?


There are 12 characters who each play a large part in this anime but to allow you to make your own opinions I have focused on the 3 that play the biggest part and were my favourites and i'll let you make your own opinion on the other 9 characters involved in this strangely appealing anime.


Yuki is our protagonist, he is also referred to as the First, meaning the first diary holder. He is a 14 year old socially awkward school boy who sees things from a unique point of view and writes them down. He has an imaginary friend who turns out to not be so imaginary and is in fact the god of time and space himself. He brings Yuki along with 11 others into the battle royale game where he must fight and kill to survive. Yuki wants no part in the game and tries to find ways to end the game without killing but ends up having to sometimes kill as a last resort. Yuki's diary shows the future from his point of view so he can see what will happen around him and to others around him, however, it lacks the ability to show what actually happens to him which is a large flaw.


Minene, also known as the Ninth for being the ninth diary holder, is a bad-ass atheist terrorist. From the minute she appears i'm drawn to her and love the way she is and how she acts. She has a total lack of care regarding who she hurts in order to accomplish her goal, which is to destroy religion worldwide. She has some pretty outlandish ways to accomplish what she wants but later in the series she changes her mind and her ways and becomes an alley to Yuki.
Minene is named after the roman goddess Minerva.

Yuno Gasai

Our yandere, she is obsessed with Yuki and will do anything to protect him and have him win. This includes killing people in order for Yuki to live, which she does with ease and she is even willing to kill herself when it gets to the last two. Her obsession with Yuki leads to utter madness in some scenes, she tries to hurt Yuki himself and in others she will lay down her life to save him. Her love for Yuki is raw and pure and knows no end even through all the crazy madness, the whole reason for her being like that is the amount of love she has for Yuki. She wants her whole life to be about Yuki and with Yuki, she wishes to marry him and do everything for him. I adore Yuno; the way she acts, her mannerisms, the pure craziness in her acts and just how she looks going from perfectly sweet and innocent one minute to insanely crazy and terrifying the next and then back to innocent. Yuno made this entire anime for me, if it wasn't for her I don't think I would have enjoyed it half as much as I did. She is what made me love yandere characters and spurred me into seeing more.


Through reading this you have probably guessed I have nothing but high praise for this anime and good things to say. It was a good story with great characters and an interesting concept behind it all. If stories of the future and butterfly effects are your thing, if crazy characters and a mix of insane people are what you enjoy, then I know you won't be disappointed with this anime. You will be just as gripped as I was and find yourself falling in love with the characters as each episode carries on, wanting to find out exactly who dies and how and who lives in the end.

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