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Noragami was originally a manga that started in December 2010 in the January edition of Shonen magazine and was later made into 17 books between 2011 and 2016. The anime itself was released in 2013 with the first episode being aired at the 2013 anime festival Asia event, the rest of the episodes were then released January 2014. A second season of the show aired in 2015, two extra episodes were released but only with special copies of the a few of the books. Noragami was the 14th top selling manga in the first half of 2014 when the anime was just getting into the swing of things. The two seasons combined contain 29 episodes; twelve for season 1, thirteen for season 2 and four ova episodes (two for each season).


Noragami is all about a minor God of Calamity. Gods in Japan usually have shrines for people to pray at and leave offerings, unfortunately Yato our God of Calamity has no followers nor a shine as he is an unknown God trying to gain recognition and a shrine of his own. In an effort to become known and save up for his own shrine he charges 5 yen per granted wish of the near shore dwellers, which is the term used for the living. In his attempts to grant wishes he comes across a girl who is a near shore dweller but she is also something else, her soul keeps slipping out of her body and wandering around. He also comes across a spirit of a young boy who he turns into his regalia, which plainly means weapon, as unbeknownst to the near shore dwellers among them lives phantom creatures. They are attempting to change people by influencing them and corrupting the good inside them, feeding off the darkness inside each person. They come from a place known as the far shore, it is Yato's job as a God to expel these evil forces.



Our God of Calamity, a war God who wants to make himself known as a God and make his own shrine. He was once known as a God of Calamity but has decided to change to a God of War. He doesn't appear like your typical God, wearing a tracksuit and scarf makes it difficult to believe he is in fact a God. He is a very comical character and throughout the episodes he will randomly appear in strange locations, giving people his phone number to call for wishes and then disappearing again or he will appear to write his number on the side of buildings before quickly vanishing. This is all in the hope he will get his name out there more. He refers to himself as Yato the delivery God, charging 5 yen to grant a wish which is the amount people give as an offering at a real shrine.

He is willing to do anything no matter how big, small, embarrassing or disgusting in the attempts to become known, but unfortunately he is also very gullible and usually wastes what money he has on get rich quick schemes that fail or on good luck charms in the hope it will help him but to his dismay, it never works. Yato has a fear of being forgotten by all as he was once a well known God of Calamity under a different name but after being around violence for such a long time he decided to change his ways and denounce himself as a God of Calamity and now has to rebuild his following as a new God.

Hiyori iki

The near shore dweller girl with a foot in the far side. She becomes a part of both when she saves Yato from an unfortunate incident early on but in doing so her soul is able to slip free from her body. You will repeatedly see her without her body, leaving it in all kinds of places as she roams free as she doesn't have total control over her soul slipping out and it causes her body to sleep whenever this happens. Yato feels responsible for what has happened to her and offers to help her fix the situation seeing as it was his fault in the first place. She spends the majority of her time with Yato, reminding him that he has to help her fix this so she doesn't keep slipping out of her body. They grow very close to each other and he will protect her with his life which is seen from very early on and their relationship develops further from there. When she is given an option that will fix her slipping out of her body she declines.


A young spirit turned regalia, which is a form of weapon to Gods and they may have one or many, each will be a different weapon or helpful item. Yukine turns into a katana known as Sekki. He died at a young age and still acts very young and naive at times, doing bad things thinking it is okay because he is dead anyway. He doesn't respect Yato as much as he should and the sins Yukine does reflect on Yato to the point they cause him pain as a God. A God and his regalia have a unique bond and are tied to each other, so any bad thoughts or bad actions from a regalia will cause their god pain. Yukine misbehaves and acts very childlike for a long time until events happen that change him.


Bishamonten, also known as just Bishamon or to those closer to her Veena, is a God of Combat. She takes the form of a blonde, long haired, long legged, leather wearing woman dripping in confidence and bad arsery but she is also sweet and loving at her core. She has many regalia due to not being able to abandon or leave any spirits after they have been attacked. She has accumulated a large following that all live in a big mansion with her but due to the large amount she cannot attend to them all and some cause her trouble. She comes after Yato with a fury as she hates him for a terrible act he committed while being a God of Calamity, something she can't forgive him for doing and vows to end him for what he did to her and her regalia.

There are of course other gods and characters present but I have mentioned the main characters and will leave the smaller characters to make their own impressions on you.


My opinion on this anime as a whole is that it definitely could have done with more seasons. I loved the show, the characters and the background stories and how Yato was striving to be different and to change from what he used to be into what he wishes to be now. The music is gripping and the artwork is stunning along with a few odd looking phantoms along the way. All together the anime is well worth a watch if you enjoy strange, fantasy like and Godly anime's this is one for you to sink your teeth in to for sure. I know I for one will be watching this anime again and again as well as getting a hold of the manga to find out if the story continues. Like in so many anime's that don't receive new series the story will sometimes continue in the manga versions.

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