Halo 5 Guardians

By Nav | 14 Jan 2018
Cortana is no longer with us, the Master Chief was saved by his old friend, she sacrificed herself to save the Chief before her system glitches out.

The Chief, unconvinced Cortana is no longer with us, has reunited with his old team mates known as the Blue Team and is in pursuit to locate Cortana. Struggling to cope with his loss the Chief and Blue Team have gone missing.

In comes Jameson Locke, a spartan known as the legendary man hunter is tasked to locate Master Chief and the Blue Team. Accompanied by the Fire Team, Locke offers an outside perspective to the game, this is similar to Halo 2, you are tasked with playing acts as either Master Chief or the Arbiter.

Cortana in the mean time has sent a signal out across the universe, her message is short and clear, join her or feel her wrath.

Halo ends with Locke, Chief, Commander Palmer and Doctor Halsey meeting on Sanghelios as Cortana hums whilst a Halo installation orbits.

The Game Play

343 Industries have spent a lot of time since the release of Halo 4 listening to the feedback of gamers. They have listened to what gamers did not enjoy about Halo 4 and what they did enjoy about Halo 4 in order to make the Halo 5 experience excel in the eyes of the hard-core fans.

The focus of the Halo 5 campaign and multiplayer are developed around the Spartan abilities.

The game play has an increased focus on player mobility. Previously, players would exit a warthog to change positions with their partner, no longer was this an issue, players had more control and were able to change positions with other players/spartans with a click of a button.

The spartan thruster pack is more prominent than before, you may use the thruster pack in a combination of moves, giving you more freedom at all times as you vault ledges, rapidly dash when charging an enemy or when you are generating a shockwave by striking the ground with a spartan slam.

With all improvements come adjustments to long time features we would not expect to be tampered with and Halo is no different. Previously you were able to sprint with your spartan and regenerate your armour shield but this is no longer the case, running with your spartan no longer regenerates your armour shield and you are required to tactically plan each move, each escape to survive in the game.

Halo 5 introduces a new feature to the traditional shooter, the new feature is called smart scope. It allows the player to aim down the weapon sight, similar to other shooters and allows the player to control their weapon and enhance their shot accuracy.

Local multiplayer fans of the series will be disappointed as Halo 5 strips away the local split screen multiplayer and does not natively support LAN play.

Players are able to play the campaign cooperatively via Xbox Live Gold membership and join up in teams to play game modes Warzone or Arena.


eSports had taken over as every gaming company looked to tailor make their game for eSports and Halo was no different. The Halo engine has been tweaked and new game modes like Break Out and Warzone were introduced.

I found myself playing either the classic Team Slayer a lot or the horde style mode Warzone. Warzone is a great mode, the wave of enemies start easy and get harder as the game goes on. I found myself not penalised in Warzone and instead it relied on my skill.

Depending on how good I was at Warzone I could either be top of the board because I died the least amount of times and contributed the most or I could be at the bottom because I had decided to dive in, go completely Rambo and die in the process.

Even though Warzone offered many hours of fun, I found myself playing Team Slayer alot more. Team Slayer has never been the same since Halo 2, dual welding, well balanced maps with thick and fast action. Halo 5 minus the dual welding has all those factors and the added bonus of requisition packs to keep you playing.

Requisition packs are purchasable with real money or in game currency you earn by playing the game. Each game you play earns you points towards your game mode level, your profile level and your in game currency. If you win or unlock certain medals when completing a game mode, you are rewarded with requisition packs. Requisition packs unlock bonus points towards your profile level or bonus game mode cards to boast your end game points towards your profile level or skins to customise your spartans outfit and weapons.

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The Good

Gripping Online Multiplayer
New Spartan Abilities
Game Mode Warzone
Switch Between Playing Chief and Locke

The Bad

No Local Multiplayer


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