Super Dungeon Bros.

By Cameron | 19 Oct 2017
Super Dungeon Bros, the top-down hack and slash/action game published by Wired Productions, it was released at the end of 2016 (1st of November to be exact) and is available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam, but what is the actual aim of this game? If you’re KierzOfWar then it’s to try and break every candle and environmental object in sight to get loot. But if you are playing properly the aim is to fight through each level to the end to find the loot hidden within the dungeons, simple. But much like anything in life, it isn’t that simple; you have to fight through waves of enemies attacking you, all the while making your way through traps -- which are so brutal you’d expect Lara Croft to be sliding underneath them in slow motion. As well as this, you have to solve puzzles throughout the dungeons to progress through the levels. All of this, while you jam out to some hardcore rock music by yourself or with 3 other friends online or off -- yes, a 4 player couch co-op game!

It’s a trap!- Admiral Akbar.

Even though I’ve already gone through the brutal traps, we’ll talk a bit more about them. Traps are encountered throughout the levels where enemies are not active, because why would you want a break? Swinging axes, spikes from the ground and a giant spinning blade all want you dead and appear frequently throughout these deadly dungeons. They may be easy enough to get past but timing is key.

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.- Gandalf The Grey

Wired Productions have added time elements into the game, where you have to move through areas quickly or result in the horde of enemies attacking you once the “threat meter” fill up. How does the meter fill up? Through time, (see it’s all linking together now) the more you kill and the longer you remain in the level the more the threat level fills up. This then releases a horde of enemies which do not stop trying to kill you. Until they kill you. This element makes it incredibly difficult to get the big coins which require teamwork to reach them.

“For he is truly his brother’s keeper.- Jules Winnfield.”

The Bro Shack! Okay, so maybe my quote was a little unrelated in the terms of the meaning. But, the bro shack is simply a shop in the game. Sticking to the theme of brothers, the “bro shack” allows you to purchase new weapons. So you can take the fight to the enemies while using bigger weapons compared to the measly weapons you get as default. Not only are each of the available weapons more powerful, but they also look cool to have. I mean, who wouldn’t want to carry about a crossbow with spikes protruding from the end? I know I would.


Each character has various statistics, making each one unique and not just in the cosmetic way. So it offers you to change how you play but also adds variety to the game when playing with friends.
Something to take note on as well is that when playing co-op, once you select a character it locks that character so other players can’t pick it. So if you and your friends want to play the same character, you better be quick and select it first! Furthermore, the characters each have a relatable backstory, and by relatable I mean we all know someone who thinks they are a ladies man but bottles it when it comes to the situation, as seen with Lars’ bio. As well as each of them being unique, after reading the bio’s you can see how the appearance links with the backstory to each of them. This addition might be a small detail, but I personally like the subtle connection.  

Personally, I believe that this is a great indie game to play with friends, I also appreciate how interactive the game is, where you can smash the majority of the environment in hopes finding loot. Furthermore, playing solo can be difficult, our own streamer BatesPlays had said that it was difficult solo because of a number of enemies that come after you. But in co-op, it is great fun and can be made even more exciting with the addition of friendly-fire being enabled. A massive thank you to Wired Productions for supplying ETNL with the game codes for the streams and giveaways.

Note: A copy of the game was provided to us for the purposes of the review.

Here are the links to purchase the game:


Playstation 4

Xbox One

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The Good

Online Multiplayer
Horde's of Enemies
Wide Range of In Game Upgrades

The Bad

Limited Character Selection


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