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By Nav | 13 Dec 2017
We last left the COG team in our last journey Gears of War 3, Marcus was on the hunt for his fathers work, the locust were re emerging as a dominant force threatening the human race and Dom had gone off the rockers leaving us with a tear in our eyes as he sacrificed his life to save his friends and be re united with wife Maria.

Years have passed and we were led to believe the hard work of the COGs had saved the planet, we believed the threat was over and the world of the Gears had turned from a time of horror to a time of peace.

We were wrong, fast forward and JD Fenix (son of Marcus Fenix) is our new lead character, he is on the run, running away from the COGs. JD has decided the COGs were not right for him and as we learn more about JD we learn the hatred he has towards his father Marcus.

The question is where is Marcus? Gears of War 4 focuses on our new heroes leaving us to question what happened to the COG team, what happened to Cole Train, Baird and Carmine? Wait, we probably know what happened to Carmine, Carmine and members of his family have all died in each Gears of War title except for 3 where we were treated to a hilarious is he or isn't he dead moments throughout the game.

Who are our New Heroes

There is JD Fenix, he is the son of Marcus Fenix but unlike his father JD is an idealist who wants to live his life with purpose. JD ran away from home to join the new COGs, he worked his way up to lieutenant before going AWOL and leaving the COGs.

JD did not leave the COGs alone, he took his good friend Del Walker who he had known since boarding school. Del Walker is our other hero but not much is said or known about Del.

The two meet our third hero Kate Diaz, a girl from the outsider village who was not raised with the privileges of the COG technology but her attitude, wits and determination drives her to follow JD & Del to take on the new threat called the Swarm.

And to true Gears fashion we are introduced to our fourth hero at the end of Chapter One, the ever returning, the ever present, the hero we battled with in three Gears of War.... Marcus Fenix.

Who are the Swarm

Not much is known about the Swarm, they are a creature type being named by JD & Del who were attacked by the Swarm whilst protecting the village. JD & Del had survived, they had survived because of bravery Kate's mother had shown by locking the young duo within a safe house so they were not attacked. With the Swarm gone we are tasked with hunting the Swarm down so we may save Kate's mother who was abducted by the Swarm.

As we progress through our journey down many twists & turns, we encounter the Swarm upon many occasions throughout the game. The Swarm attack at any moment they appear and with any chance they have they abduct humans inside a red bubble, the human is contained within this bubble and drained of their life over time.

The mystery of the Swarm is kept close to the developers heart as the game doesn't explain much about the Swarm with little snippets being released into the story.

We felt this was a nice touch, not too much is given away, a lot of mystery is kept about the Swarm and the main characters leading to a bigger picture for future titles.


The developer, The Coalition, have done a fantastic job with the online multiplayer, Gears of War does not set any new trends but builds upon the foundations that we have grown up with over the past 3 titles within the series. The game play is smooth, the online is addictive and as expected with the trend of games featuring online multiplayer these days we are introduced to a crate reward system, weapon skins and character skins to unlock. The crates can be redeemed either with real money or in game currency that is earned by playing the online multiplayer, unlocking a crate allows you to unlock new character skins, new weapon skins and reward cards that allow you to gain extra XP within the multiplayer.

We should always remember that the beauty of Gears of War multiplayer has always been a blend between beautiful atmospheres, weather changes and the thrill that it's anybody's game. That is achieved with the shotgun shots, the drill shots, sniper shots and lancer shots all holding true form as they did in previous titles in the series. If we had to criticise the multiplayer then average times between 1 to 5 minutes we had to wait before we were able to enter a match made game was exhausting.

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The Good

Strong Storyline
Beautiful Atmosphere
Smooth Game Play

The Bad

Long Multiplayer Waiting Times


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