No Game No Life

By Gemma | 05 Dec 2017
No Game No Life started as a light novel by Yu Kamiya. It now has 9 novels, which were released between 2012 and 2016. It was also turned into an 12 part anime that was released by Madhouse in 2014, and has more recently had a movie released set during the 6th novel of the series. The Opening song of the anime is called This Game, and is sang by Konomi Suzuki. The Anime received a warm welcome and was highly sought after with it selling 1.1million copies of its light novel in 2014.

The Plot

The story is about two socially awkward introverted step-siblings called Shiro and Sora, who in a gaming world are known as the Blank; an undefeated group of gamers. One day they are emailed a challenge from Tet, a Game God from another reality. He challenges them to a game of chess which they win, and in return for winning are offered to go live in his reality which is centered around gaming. This reality is known as Disboard, which employs a spell known as the 10 pledges which stops people from harming each other. Instead this spell makes people work out there differences in gambling games where the rules and rewards are magically enforced, however, there are ways to get around the rules if you can cheat discreetly and no one calls you out for cheating -- a pretty neat loophole right?
The siblings then become King and Queen by winning a game, and find out if they wish to go home they must challenge Tet to another game and win. However, in order to challenge Tet they must conquer all 16 races in Disboard.


Sora and Shiro:
The introverted step-siblings, Sora is an 18yr old who excels at strategies and cold reading, while his 11yr old step-sister Shiro excels at calculations and logic. Together they form the undefeated gaming identity Blank -- it comes from the fact they only use spaces in their gaming names. They choose to spend their time inside gaming after the death of their parents, when these two characters become separated from each other they begin to have panic attacks and withdrawal symptoms as if they are each other's drug. I adored these characters right from the get-go and my love for them only grew more as the series progressed, the way they compliment each other and work together is excellent character development. There style of humor and their mannerisms speak volumes to me and about themselves in ways that show how I myself can be at times. The slightly perverted comments made between the two just add to the characters development, and besides these comments are more humorous and playful than anything else.

Stephanie Dola:
The Granddaughter to the previous King of Elkia (the nation inhabited by the Humans), but her Grandfather was not very smart and lost a lot of games. He often was betting his land if he lost, which regularly happened, so the Human nation was very small compared to what it used to be. Stephanie vows to win back her land and take the crown, but unfortunately, has the same luck as her Grandfather with the inability to win games.
She ends up becoming the Assistant to Shiro and Sora after losing a game.

I like Stephanie she's unique and even after being forced to do a lot of things she is still loveable, and still likes Shiro and Sora without holding grudges over things they make her do. She is very sweet and shows her worth and intellect as the series goes on.

Jibril is a flugel, a magical angelic race known for their ruthlessness. She is over 6000 years old, and also the youngest in her race. She lives in a library she won from the previous King, which is of course storing all her books. She loses in a game against Shiro and Sora that makes her be their slave, but they treat her as an equal rather than a slave. Jibril is one of my favourite characters as she is beautiful and the detail gone into her is amazing, she is smart and the game her people play is imaginative and creative and a joy to watch. The way she interacts with both Shiro and Sora is friendly and shows admiration to them.

There are, of course, many other characters portrayed in the series from different factions playing minor roles, but I decided to only mention my favourite ones here.


If you are a gamer of any sort then this anime will definitely touch your heart and will keep you watching more. The intro song, colourful artwork, and character development are all interesting and stunning. The anime can be watching dubbed or subbed (I prefer it subbed, the correct way). The lore is intricate and detailed, and the story itself is interesting with a lot for characters to do. Itís definitely a unique take on life and how to solve conflicts, however, the only downside to the anime is that it wasn't renewed for a 2nd series. Meaning the anime did end on a cliff-hanger, and the only way to find out what happens after is to continue reading the manga -- but this isn't such a bad thing as the manga artwork is absolutely beautiful. There is now a movie for No Game No Life.

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