Golf With Friends

By Nav | 27 Nov 2017
The game of Golf where men and women around the world gather around 18 holes to see who can complete the 18 holes with the least amount of shots.

Golf being a funny old game requires tactics, accuracy, power and personality as the crowd around you watch with anticipation as you take your time striking the ball, driving it ever so closer to the hole to see if you can accomplish a hole in one or beat your arch rival with lesser strokes.

Good Friends or Just Friends

The game is Golf with Friends and the concept of Golf doesn't change except for the courses are smaller and the atmosphere around you replicates one of a mini golf course rather than an actual golf. The courses are a mixture of insane with a hint of friendly banter between that allows you and your friends to engage with each other over each horrid or master stroke you perform.

The main focus of the game here is friends, Golf with Friends is a solid game that requires you to put a little thought process before you take a shot but offers a lot of laughs and jokes whilst doing so. The challenge presented to you by the courses and the competition of your fellow friends around you turns the game from a casual past time to a ball of competitive laughter.


Each customisation option within Golf with Friends allows for longevity within the game as you grind away earning rewards to customise your ball and watch your friends spectate with envy as your customised ball flies by theirs.

If you are like me though and you would like to up the ante against your friends then Golf with Friends allows you to change the game mode! You may add collision to make those edge of the seat moments even more difficult, you may change the shape of the ball to frustrate your opposition and yourself. You can change the theme and difficulty of the courses to add that challenge into your gameplay.

Game Play

Never has a hitting a ball felt so rewarding as it does within Golf with Friends, the ball movement is smooth, the stroke system is accurate and the courses are well thought as you hit that calculated shot off the barriers, over the hill, past the moving objects and into the pocket to only watch your friend do it with less strokes as he or she finds the short cut within the course you over looked.

Whatever your taste may be with many more options available Golf with Friends covers all bases you would not expect within a Golf game and will leave you visiting this game over and over again with your friends.

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The Good

Easy To Play
Lot's of Variety
Great Party Game
Quick Multiplayer Setup

The Bad

Weak Single Player


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