Rapture Gaming Festival 1 & 2

By Cameron | 13 May 2017
Rapture gaming event is held in Colchester While there ETNL witnessed a very streamer focused gaming event as with stage presences giving their insight into the life of streaming, as well as some YouTubers, hitting the stage as well.

ETNL also managed to get their hands on retro consoles, like the original PlayStation and play halo on the countering console; Xbox.

Companies like Razer were there, making their presence know just like they do at all the other events they attend.

Rapture also had streamers from various platforms streaming throughout the day(s).

Streamers Connected attended, a community designed for streamers by the likes of LtZonda.

As well as this a FIFA tournament was held for the fans, I expect many comptrollers were broken during that event. If not then I am disappointed.

Finally, great news we have here; both Nav and Steph are down on the guest list for Rapture2. Make sure to see them there!

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