Hellsing Ultimate - We Got Back to the Bloody Cold Vampires

By Gemma | 30 Jul 2018
So Hellsing Ultimate has vampires, and we all love a good vampire show. Well, this isn't your typical glittery vampire, as these are the pure cold calculated gory vampires that we started with. The vampires everyone loves to watch but most forget. We have the original Hellsing, we have manga and we also have the Original video animation (OVA) Ultimate version -- I'm going to be discussing Ultimate because its the one I prefered and enjoyed. Most OVAs are usually 1 or 2 episodes, but this is 10 episodes long and released in 2006 through 2012. It has slightly longer episodes, so instead of the usual 20 mins per episode, Hellsing Ultimate ranged from anywhere between 40 to 65 minutes. The manga for Hellsing started all the way back in 1997 and continued until 2008 with 10 volumes, you also get spin-offs, and of course the original Hellsing series that aired in 2001 until 2002 and consisted of 13 episodes. There is no right or wrong version to watch, none you have to watch in order, its all preference. By all means, watch an episode of the original and see what you think, but I much prefer the OVA versions and the feel of that one.


If you hear vampire anime and you start thinking, "it's going to be another twilight sort of show." You are very wrong. While I don't have anything inherently against Twilight, but not every vampire shows should be compared to it. Hellsing is nothing like Twilight, it's on a whole league of its own. It's dark and gory and everything I love about vampires. It has a good classic Dracula more than anything. Well the plot for the Hellsing Ultimate starts in the past, 10 years in the past to be exact, while a very young Integra Hellsing is being hunted by her vile uncle. He is out to kill Integra because she became head of the Hellsing household rather than him. In her attempt to flee she ends up in the basement, where her saviour is. However, before we meet our saviour, Integra is shot by her uncle but in typical vampire fashion, the blood awakens our Saviour Alucard. He kills the henchmen who came to the basement with Integras uncle and while they are being dispatched it gives Integra the perfect opportunity to kill her Uncle. Once the scene is over and the deaths have finished, Alucard becomes a servant to Integra and that's when we come back to the present. Alucard is in service to Integra and helps her to dispatch other vampires and evil people. The plot follows their lives, how their relationship changes, and ultimately saving the world from evil -- I mean who doesn't enjoy a good save the world show right? And this is done superbly, with nothing being sugar-coated. It's raw, brutal, and true to the nature of the anime.



Integra has a very long name, her full name being Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. It's such a mouthful, but also why the Sir? She is female but you wouldn't tell straight away from looking at her present version I guess.
Integra is calm and collected, and when faced with situations that would terrify most humans they donít faze her in the slightest. She always stays in control and is very calculated in how she deals with the situations -- she shows no fear. She has an air about her that just naturally intimidates people, and the fact she killed her uncle at such a young age and also controlling a vampire you would be silly not to be intimidated by her. Even though she is very cold and calm in her demeanour, and is always businesslike, she does know how to be good-natured and humorous to an extent. Integra is fiercely loyal and compassionate, as she is always willing to avenge her men if they die. You can understand her being fearless towards humans, after all, she knows of vampires so of course humans wouldn't cause her fear. But even when faced with vampires, and Nazi vampires at that, she is fearless. She is a very patriotic person and very loyal to the crown, with all that she does, and all that her business is for aims towards helping the crown. She is a woman of authority and a woman many would envy.


Alucard our resident vampire just oozes sexiness. The way he holds himself is just amazing. He possesses red eyes, like most vampires do, and wears a long red coat and has twin guns. His outfit is just badass and business-like at the same making it very different. It fits completely with the time period and with his attitude. Another reason his clothes are unique is that they aren't 'real' they are a part of him. When they get ripped or damaged, same as when he does, they regenerate which makes it rather mysterious and also wonderful. Alucard is the opposite of Integra in that he fights ferociously, he likes to torment, humiliate, and destroy his enemies before finishing them off. He likes to prolong it and revel in the pain he can cause. Nothing is ever done quickly with him, but it's always planned out. He is very egotistical and often taunts his enemies due to his immortality. At the same time, he is a very complicated character and there is a lot to his backstory. I adore watching him in Hellsing Ultimate and in his small compassionate scenes he has throughout -- which can easily be counted on your hands.

Seras Victoria

I have so much love for Seras; she is such a deep and detailed character with a huge backstory. Her family was killed and so she became a police woman who then ended up being turned into a vampire. She starts off shy and unwilling to accept what she was made; refusing to feed and to live, but later starts to accept what she is. She's very clumsy and her body dynamics are typical of most anime. Alucard turned Seras after he shot her to kill a vampire that was holding her hostage -- what a way to be turned right? At least she got to live in some way, just as a vampire. She finds she has immense power through the transformation she undergoes, from when she refuses through to accepting she is a vampire this change is just astounding. There is such a huge change in not only how she looks but her demeanour as well. She is very strong willed and tomboyish in her mannerisms, but Seras has always been that way -- we know this from various flashbacks she has. She also doesn't hesitate to cross her master if he asks her to do something that goes against what she believes in, and the fact she is even willing to do so just proves how strong and driven this woman is. Seras is definitely a character to watch out for.


Hellsing Ultimate is amazing simply put. I adored it, and was on the edge of my seat watching each episode. I loved seeing how the relationships changed, how the characters worked together, and they, as a whole, developed. Of course seeing how the story turns out is the best part.

I love a good vampire and this had vampires in abundance, it had fights, Naziís, gore, and brutality, I has some pretty badass female leads and was ticking all the boxes for me. I definitely enjoy a darker show at times, to mix it up with the usual bright and upbeat things I tend to watch. If you have been craving a good old school vampire show then it's definitely the one for you.

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