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By Cameron | 14 Apr 2017
Insomnia is a gaming event held at the NEC in Birmingham, just like EGX is. This year ETNL have visited both i60 and i61.

i61 was a big deal for ETNL, as both of them got to stream at various booths across the event.

Nav had the chance to stream for Razer, one of the biggest known names within gaming hardware and accessories, while Steph had the opportunity to stream for Corsair, another big name within the same category as Razer.

While attending I61, ETNL got up to other great things (yes they even made their own meme, they’re “cool kids” now).

Insomnia is a gaming event within the UK that runs twice a year in Birmingham.

The gaming event is dominated by the presence of Sony and offers a wide range of video game specialists like PC Specialist.

Over the years Insomnia has had a strong YouTube presence but recently the streaming scene has taken over with the influences of Razer and Corsair making strides with the next generation of streaming personalities.

Insomnia is a great event for all ages, the daytime offers a wide range of stalls, games, activities for the younger generation and for the older generation there are night events that really make the event shine.

If you are near Birmingham or want a gaming event with humph then be sure to visit Insomnia.

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