Prison School - Funny Fan Service, but Shows Love, Friendship, and Loyalty

By Gemma | 30 Jun 2018
Prison School is probably one of the most bizarre anime I have ever seen. It has a story which is entertaining and funny but it is mostly fan servicing. It originally started out in 2011 as a manga and has produced 28 volumes, ending in 2017. During its run as a manga, an anime series was produced in 2015 and comprises of 12 episodes. I happily sat through watching it. I watched the anime dubbed, meaning the audio was in English instead of Japanese. Sometimes the dubbing was inaccurate making for some funny translations, but it was more than adequate in this series.


What's Prison School about? It's about a group of boys who attend a prestigious school that was a girls-only school.
Due to recent changes, they are now admitting boys as well. The school is governed by a perverted headteacher,
who are caught in situations that no-one should be caught in at school, as he is even caught by his daughter.
He runs the school but doesn't enforce the rules that come to the Underground student-body president and her lackeys.
They wish to uphold the high standards and despise boy entering their school and will do anything to end that.
They have established a sort of prison on the schoolyard. Boys get caught for thing like spying on girls in the bathroom and are duly punished.
A first offense results in 1 month in prison, trying to escape will result in further punishment and expulsion follows after 3 infractions.
The story is about how these boys deal with their hardships, the punishments, and tricks the girls play.
There is also a love story involved, but this anime caters more to the fans of the series than to tell it all together to new people.



Kiyoshi is our main protagonist who falls for a girl at first sight. When he finds out the boys are going to spy on the girls, he tries his best to deter them and protect the girl which he has seen and likes. It all ends up backfiring and they get caught. He is a good guy and just wants to see the girl he likes and take her out, so he comes up with various plans. Some with his friends and some behind their back to try to see her. Most of his plans fail and the one plan that does work ends up backfiring while they are on a date. He is also very unlucky as he happens to get himself into a lot of awful predicaments that happen from embarrassing moments with one of his prison guards named Hana. I feel for this character he was trying to be good-hearted and protect the woman he liked, but having it backfire and then do everything in his power to get back to her and to redeem himself.
This so she doesn't believe him to be the pervert he is. I loved seeing his story unfold and watching his plans and the embarrassing predicaments he got himself into.


Gakuto is very old fashioned, using talk that no-one else will. He is a geeky looking guy and is obsessed with his figures and refers to himself in the third person with the use of 'yours truly'. He will happily sacrifice anything for his friends and to help further their case. He usually helps come up with plans and uses strategies he knows from past battles in history or from stories to do with his figures. He is regularly picked on by one of the guards and usually beaten pretty badly but he enjoys it. He loves the abuse and torment he receives.


Meiko is the vice president. She features a lot in the anime and is the main guard for the prison. She is muscly but also big. She usually features a very tight revealing outfit and also has that sexy secretary look but is a total badass. She regularly punishes the boys and enjoys doing so. Meiko will come up with unique and interesting ways to punish them that are overly sexual as well, in a way to punish the boys for their behaviour and for what got them in prison. It's also a bit of a tease as the boys get such pleasure out of the punishment. She instils in them. To me, it seems she is mildly in love with the president and always wants her approval and attention and is seen multiple times washing the president with great care and admiration. She detests the boys and wants them gone almost as much as the president does and is definitely very strict. I loved the way they portrayed her and the punishments she did and just the overall badass attitude she had. She develops more as the anime proceeds.

There are plenty more characters that feature in the anime like the other prison school boys, the perverted president, the rest of the school council and our main love interest. The characters are mostly perverted and revel in punishment or pleasure from it and I think you should see how they play out and how they are. It is a lot of fan service to these characters and can seem a bit like they are just fillers to keep the story going and that it doesn't achieve too much but as a whole, it does develop and adds to the story. The only character in this anime who isn't perverted and is, in fact, good-natured and pure-hearted along with innocence, is our love interest who you will get to know more about. She has a twist. A major one, which is why I won't go into her as it will spoil the anime.

My thoughts

This anime was enjoyable. Yes, it was short at only 12 episodes but it achieved all it set out to. It was comical, it was perverted, and it was very fan service-y. But it also had love, loyalty, friendship, history and school aspects to the anime so it includes a lot. It's definitely not an anime for the lighthearted and if you enjoy fan service it's definitely one to look at and to enjoy watching through. Fanservice isn't always for me but I think the comedy aspect to this anime made it worth it and I'm definitely glad I watched this anime and would implore others to give it a try as well. They may be pleasantly surprised.

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