Absolute Duo - Dance-like Fighting, Innocent Romance, No Conclusive Ending

By Gemma | 29 Jun 2018
Absolute Duo started out as a light novel. It has brought out 11 novels to date, starting in 2012 and continuing on to the present date. It has received 2 manga adaptions and an anime tv series that aired in 2015 -- this comprises of 12 episodes and was made by 8-bit Studio.

This anime is wonderful and is one that involves things from my favourite genre, fantasy, as magic is involved. It also has bits of action and a bit of romance. My only disappointment was how the anime didn't really seem to come to an end. I know it has continued in the books so I'm hoping they release the second season at some point to finish off the story.

The Plot

Absolute Duo is all about a group of school children who were injected to give them an ability called Blaze. It manifests as a weapon and in one unique case as a shield. The weapons can't be used to hurt people unless they have malicious intent. They can't incapacitate and make people unconscious.

The anime is all about trying to find the absolute duo which is a state of ultimate teamwork. The children are given the option to pair up. They will do everything with their partner; living together, fighting together, protecting each other and learning together. It's the journey and life of a group of children growing and gaining more power and unravelling more of their story. The villain in this anime is trying to take the power of the Blaze to benefit himself and his people to make an ultimate person. It's 2 people after the same power; the absolute duo.



Tor is classed as an irregular because his weapon manifested as a shield which is unusual. He went to the school and had to pass an assessment to be allowed to attend. He went with his childhood friend and the room had to manifest their blaze's and fight for placements. The winners made it into the school. Tor won whereas his friend didn't. We later find out she gets offered a spot at a school on a remote island.

Tor has a shield for his blaze due to his fierce desire to protect people and for no one to be harmed. He is very good-natured and pure, wanting to think the best of everyone and everything. He gets put in an awkward predicament where he is paired with a girl for his duo, which never happens, as duos must live together. At the young age they are, living with a girl is going to be difficult. Tor manages to get the attention of most of the girls, and they all try for his attention, but he is far too naive to notice and do something about it, so instead, he spends all of his time with his partner and protects her.

Julie aka Yurie

Yurie is Tor's partner and is from Scandinavia.
 She is a beautiful and adorable girl, with long blonde hair, dual swords as weapons, and is the picture of innocence. She doesn't say much and always doubts herself. She speaks in a Scandinavian language regularly to say yes or no, which just adds to her cuteness. Yurie regularly falls asleep in Tor's arms or finds herself waking up in his bed because she got scared. It makes things even better. You can always tell when Yurie is around. When the wind blows, you will hear the sound of little bells which come from her hair bow. If she is happy, you get to hear it again and that makes her so cute. When she starts fighting, you see the beauty in her technique. It's almost like a dance routine being executed to perfection which ties in with the opening of the anime; it includes a dance routine.

She becomes a deadly killer and goes from being cute and adorable to someone feared and who you should keep your distance from. She has moments of jealousy when someone tries to take Tor from her but she also starts to accept others are interested in Tor. He will always stay with her. She is a really in-depth character with a lot of backstories, which you learn a lot about. You really learn to understand her and how she becomes the way she is. She is definitely my favourite character in Absolute Duo.


Miyabi is one of the students. She doesn't fit in, is clumsy, not that bright and built with big assets. She isn't a fanservice character but develops throughout the story. Her weapon is a massive spear, which is too heavy for her. She can barely manoeuver it. Her partner is from a prestigious family who have trained in martial arts and all sorts of other fighting techniques. Therefore, she has a wonderful partner who can easily handle himself and who looks after Miyabi and never puts her down. Her partner always pushes her to do better and always makes her know she isn't dragging the team down. Miyabi gets a lot of help from Tor. He comes to her help a fair bit and gives her advice and protection. She falls in love with him, but he doesn't see it. He continues to help her which further strengthens her feelings for him. Her heart gets broken, which makes her turn sides briefly. It makes you look at her as a scorned woman, rather than the loving and adorable person you believed her to be.


Rito is the teacher. Whether you can call her that is the question. She wears maid outfits and bunny ears. Energetically fun and also creepy. If she's a teacher, she doesn't take it seriously and can be too happy and childish. She has a split personality, meaning she can also be an evil, foul-mouthed and villainous woman, bent on destruction. She can be sadistic and can even attack her students. It's like flipping a switch. One moment she's childlike and innocent and the next moment as evil as can be. I didn't like the character originally for her blatant disregard for rules and her willingness to attack her students. You later come to see that she does really care for her students and it's just her way of pushing them to be the best they can be.
especially when she risks her life to protect the campus from an attack that would wipe everyone out.

My Thoughts

Absolute Duo has many different characters. They're all wonderful and unique. You should definitely watch it to see the other characters, how they bond and get on with each other, or in some cases don't get on with each other. Also, you will just want to see how the story unfolds.

I loved Absolute Duo. It's short but its good. It has no filler episodes as each episode is for a specific reason and furthers our story. The romance is sweet and innocent. The fighting is good and interesting to watch and resembles dance routines. I thoroughly enjoyed the anime and hope to see more from them so I can see how the story ends. I'm willing to give the light novel a go if it results in me finishing the story and seeing if our Duo does make it to the absolute duo stage.

If you enjoy interesting powers, the ways magic is used, schools and a bit of a twist, then this is definitely an anime for you.

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