Leamington Comic Con 2017

By Cameron | 18 Feb 2017
Leamington Comic-Con has been going on for 3 years and is the local comic con for the ETNL crew, they have attended for the past 3 years and love it each time even the venue changes make it a whole new experience each year! This comic con ran on March 25th this year.

And will hopefully continue to grow bigger and bigger as the years go by. Much like any comic con you are surrounded by comics, creators and cosplayers.

Leamington Comic Con offers these every year along with a cosplay competition and meet/greet sessions with comic creators!
had a great time there, meeting up and taking pictures with other cosplayers, as well as watching the competition (we can all imagine Nav being the Simon Cowell of cosplay).

They had an amazing chance to interview some comic creators during their day, for any comic fan, this would be a truly great experience. Meeting the minds behind your favourite comic characters. Anime was also a big part of the event, many independent stalls were selling Funko Pop figures relating to popular Japanese shows such as DragonBall Z.

Leamington Comic Con truly offers something for everyone who loves comics and anything affiliated with them.

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