Pixel Barrage - Solid Start to a Young Man's Dream

By Nav | 20 Jun 2018
A young man, with a dream, creates a game. Is this easy to do? Short answer, no. The longer answer is that creating a game, even for the most talented developer, is a hard task. Why? A game takes time, it takes desire, it takes ambition, and it takes guts. The amount of time a developer puts into their games translates into a showcase of beauty as you feel the hours, the soul, the heart from the developer flowing through each level, each move, and each beat.

Pixel Barrage is no different. Developed by a college student, attempting to live his dream whilst studying for his exams. Pixel Barrage is a game that relies on quick reactions and attention to detail.

Remember Snake on the Nokia 3210? Pixel Barrage pays homage to the classic dodge and escape mentality. However, whilst other titles ease you into each wave, Pixel Barrage assaults you with a thick and fast pace with no room to breathe.

In Pixel Barrage you have to dodge shapes which fly around the screen, if one hits you, you die and have to start again.


Pixel Barrage is no perfect game, but then neither are the top triple-A games out there. What Pixel Barrage does have is a heart, it has that key element that makes a game successful -- it's addictive.

The question is, where can Pixel Barrage improve? A leaderboard for the highest score on the start page will allow the game to expand into multiplayer, and making sure it's an online leaderboard can encourage players to compete with each other -- thus making them play it more.

I had earlier mentioned that the game was very fast and there was no breathing space between waves, but by allowing the gamer to catch their breath it will make the game last longer. This can be achieved by a slower pace, or each wave having different shapes flowing on the screen -- this will add variety to the game and keep you on your toes, without changing the difficulty as there will be harder shapes to dodge. This would also change the dynamics of the game so players can either achieve an all-time high time score or all-time low score.


The developer of Pixel Barrage is a young talent with a bright future ahead of him, and his early build of Pixel Barrage is an interesting entry. As always a game can have room for improvement and Pixel Barrage is no finished article. There is a long road ahead but the future is bright for Pixel Barrage as the game can take a retro genre and add a completely new flavour to it.

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