EGX 2016

By Cameron | 24 Sep 2016
The UKs biggest gaming convention takes place over 4 days, owned by Eurogamer and has been around for 9 years, it was previously named Eurogamer Expo but has been changed to just EGX (it sounds a lot cooler).

Over the 9 years, EGX has grown massively, from their first year getting 4,000 attendees to 75,000 in 2016; people from all around the world coming to it, wanting to try new and upcoming games, cosplay or maybe reminisce in the retro section.

And ETNL did just that (apart from coming from all around the world bit).

Nav and Steph had some amazing opportunities at EGX 2016; they had the chance to do some press work with the developers of long awaited games such as TitanFall 2, Yooka Laylee, Sniper Elite 4 and much more. While attending the event ETNL also had the chance to play these games, and also try out some other future releases like Mafia III; which had one of the best-themed booths at EGX!

Furthermore, ETNL also did some shopping, purchasing items such as Squirtle teddy and a Question Block (who doesnt love those type of gifts!)

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