Boruto Episode 12

By Nav | 13 May 2018
Mitsuki is trying to understand Boruto. Himself and Boruto are on a ninja mission with Denki, and whilst Mitsuki is ready to complete the mission and beat the time, Boruto is not. Boruto can see his friend Denki struggling and Boruto will not leave a fellow ninja behind. Working together Mitsuki and Boruto help Denki and complete the mission together. They were able to finish, but with an awful time.

This episode follows Mitsuki and Boruto. Boruto helps Iwabe with his math and eventually, Boruto invites Mitsuki to dinner.

A Ghostly Appearance

Mitsuki is excited to be in the home of Naruto, and the parents of Boruto are excited to have a friend of Boruto's over. Whilst at dinner, Naruto is interrupted, he uses his ninja skills to mirror himself into a different location.

The ghost has struck again and Boruto can tell from this disappearance that something has happened.

Ghost Revealed

An angry Boruto leaves with Mitsuki going after the fiery ninja. Meanwhile, Mitsuki has decided he can trust Boruto and once he caught up with Boruto a tense Mitsuki has something to tell the young ninja.

We are cut off from the episode whilst Mitsuki goes through a series of back and forths with Boruto, and the identity of the ghost has been implied as being the class rep Sumire.


An average episode that started off as what felt like another filler but ends up revealing a big twist. It feels like it is slowly setting up future episodes within the Boruto legacy.

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