Queen's Blade Rebellion Episode 3

By Nav | 29 Apr 2018
Our warrior Annelotte has travelled to a jungle, within this jungle she is greeted by two female warriors. The two warriors take Annelotte deeper into the jungle to meet the rest of their tribe. The tribe believe that Annelotte is a knight of the prophecy.

Annelotte is with the tribe leader, the leader and the tribe are ready to feast. Annelotte intends to move on in her quest to find where the fog has been appearing from, but she has been knocked out.


There have been strange things happening in the jungle, and to stop Annelotte escaping the tribe leader has ordered Annelotte be locked away in a cell.

The tribe leader has planted one of his best tribe members to guard Annelotte's cell and ensure that Annelotte does not escape. The tribe member though has a thing for Annelotte. She cannot resist Annelotte and forever seeks to be close to Annelotte.

Every second spent near Annelotte leads to the tribe member to tremble and make simple mistakes that could lead to Annelottes escape! Annelotte though does not escape, she remains in the cell, each time observing and seeking for more information on what is happening within the tribe.

Slug Fight

After a few intimate encounters with the tribe member, Annelotte's cell encounters trespassers in the form of slugs! The slugs have been attacking the villagers and the tribe members, with their leader taking action to defeat the slug intruders.

The slugs are overpowering the tribe warriors, meanwhile, Annelotte has taken action as well. She breaks free of her cell and defeats the slug invaders before escaping the hut that contained her cell.

Instead of escaping and running free of the jungle, Annelotte joins the fight where the tribe members are and helps them defeat the enemy Slug.

Thanks to Annelottes help the slugs have been defeated and the tribe leader has Annelotte be set free.


A different side to the story as we see our hero struggle. This added a new side to our character and showed the vulnerability our hero can encounter when pitted against characters who have more control than her.

Overall an enjoyable episode, though I was left wondering if this episode was more filler than an episode that drives the storyline forward.

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