Boruto Episode 11

By Nav | 11 Apr 2018
The boys return to their work experience, they have had a vote of confidence from their work experience mentor who is able to determine that the boys are searching for something bigger and that the postman job is not in their interest. The boys are grateful.

They continue to mark out their tactics to ensure each area is covered and they are able to track down the being they have branded The Ghost.

The Unseen Spy

During their journey, another outbreak has occurred but it is nowhere near where the boys have been operating!

This sequence continues for a while and the boys are suspicious, they feel the Ghost is aware of their location, and it is as if the Ghost is trying to avoid the boys.

With that theory in mind, the boys recruit back up.

Management's Anger

The boys have rallied up their classmates, they all view the map and decide to cover the ground around the map and report with fireworks if they find an outbreak.

Whilst leaving the building the Ghost strikes again! The ghost has taken over the only body left at the post delivery office. The postman manager! The manager is angry, he is disorganising the letters, he is talking to himself how bad his line of job is, and walking around slumped over in rage.

The school kids return! They had set up a trap, they were aware that they were being spied on and they had mustered a plan to trick the Ghost into attacking the only blind spot the Ghost suspects the academy children do not have covered.

The classmates appear, seeing the operator of the Ghost for the first time! They split, half of them chasing the generator of the Ghost and the other half battling the Ghost.

With the Ghost under control and defeated after a lengthy battle, the operator of the Ghost is able to escape the classmates. The question now is who is the operator of the Ghost and are they a classmate of Boruto?


Boruto is heating up nicely, the storyline so far has had a steady pace to it. The characters have all grown with each episode with the storyline never straying too far from Boruto himself.

As the storyline unfolds even further we are introduced to further clues and mysteries that keep the interest in the Boruto series at an all-time high.

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