By Pierre G | 15 Nov 2017
4 players vs. 1 enemy monster...seems simple enough, right? Right?? Welcome to Dauntless.

Dauntless, created by Phoenix Labs, is a 3rd person hack and slash with a touch of RPG that transports you to the Shattered Isles, fragments of the old world you once knew, forever floating in limbo. Luckily, you and your fellow Slayers have access to skyships which allow you to touch down on these islands which feature beautiful landscapes, collectibles, wildlife, and one very large, imposing guardian known as a Behemoth.

The Beginning

So, you think youíre ready for the challenges of the Shattered Isles? Letís get to it, Slayer. You begin like most RPGs by selecting your characterís name and look. Youíre also given the choice of a starter weapon, Sword, Axe, Hammer, or Chain Blades, each with itís own set of special attacks and punishing combos.

The first fight

Once your Slayer is created, you are thrust into the action with little to no tutorial, you said you were ready, right? Once you reach the first Behemoth and initiate the combat, players familiar with the Dark Souls or Monster Hunter series will instantly recognize what needs to be done. Every Slayer comes equipped with a dodge ability, and you WILL use your dodge ability often, so get familiar with how it works. Luckily, this first fight isnít meant to kill you, but to get familiar with the controls, you should dispatch the Behemoth in no time.


Youíve vanquished your first Behemoth, well done. Enter the town of Ramsgate, a hub and safe refuge for Slayers like yourself. Here youíll meet vendors, crafters, quest givers and more importantly, more Slayers to team with to fight the ever increasingly difficult Behemoths. Follow the mini-map bar at the top of the screen to get through your quests and when youíre ready, either try to party up with Slayers, or, simply go to the Bounty Board and choose your first victim, kill, ahem, target. You then have the choice of finding a party, or, if you think youíre ready (youíre not!), a solo encounter.


According to the Dauntless website there are 15 confirmed Behemoths, with more to come in the future. Each Behemoth is important as they each have unique drops which youíll need to upgrade your current equipment or craft and upgrade Behemoth specific equipment. The Behemoths have unique fight patterns as well, so your strategy in a Gnasher fight will be vastly different from that of a Shrike or any other Behemoth you encounter. Again, if youíve ever played a ďSoulsĒ type game, youíll understand. Oh, and donít think you can sit back and take your time either, your skyship only has so much fuel so youíve got a timer to contend with, and if youíre running solo, that timer disappears a lot quicker than youíd like.

Authorís Impressions

Everything above was more of a quick ďwhat the heck is this game?Ē Now Iím going to get into my own personal review of the game.

I absolutely love it, itís simple in concept, go kill a monster. Done. But, itís definitely not that easy. Your biggest enemy isnít the Behemoth, itís your Stamina bar. I canít tell you how many times Iíve had the Behemoth in a vulnerable state (they stop to breathe every now and then) and I couldnít capitalize because I was out of Stamina from dodging away from 4-5 consecutive attacks. You will have power ups to help with this, but in the heat of things, especially in a solo fight, you forget about your perks because youíre too busy trying to stay alive. The game is a grinder, repeatedly fighting the same enemies with the hope of finding that 1 piece of rare loot you were looking for.

The game looks amazing, at first look my initial reaction was that of a very polished Fable. The environments of the Shattered Isles are great, if youíre in a game, before rushing to the Behemoth, take a minute, really look around, Phoenix Labs have created an absolutely beautiful world for us to play in and it should be appreciated.

If you and 3 other friends can get into a party, the game gets 100x better. You can plan out strategies, coordinate loadouts for healers, damage dealers, etc for maximum efficiency.

If you havenít yet received your Closed Beta access code, I would suggest trying to get one, itís definitely worth it.

Dauntless from Phoenix Labs is currently in Closed Beta, the full game is slated to be released in 2018. For more information, please visit playdauntless.com

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