Squids From Space

By Nav | 17 Mar 2018
Life as we know it has never been the same and we're just a bunch of Squids from Space. Some will agree and others will argue that statement by saying that the spice of crazy is needed in our lives for us to get by.

Whichever statement you side with we can all agree that sometimes an online multiplayer game like Squids from Space, by developer Fun Bits, is needed to quench the thirst.


Online play is judged on the basics, those basics being server stability, voice chat, and text messaging. Squids from Space cover the basics well, the servers were stable, rarely did any of us experience connectivity issues -- if we did we were able to connect easily the next game.

Text messaging was very easy to access and use. If you wanted to use voice chat you had that option by using a press-to-talk key -- when the key is held down your voice is transmitted to others within the room.

The default balance between voice chat and the in-game sound was well balanced, meaning hearing others was not an issue and having to rebalance your settings was not required (unless your preference is different).

The nitty gritty of it all comes down to that very first moment you land, the moment you enter the arena ready to do battle, the default weapons you have and the weapons you can obtain quickly to catch up with your opponent.

Squids does not disappoint; upon landing in your base -- which is the default respawn spot -- you have the option to visit multiple crates around you and decide on the weapons you would like to carry and use in battle. If for whatever reason you have the need for speed, dependent on the level, you are able to enter multiple types of vehicles. These accessible depending on availability and other players are quick to enter vehicles -- think Battlefield before you spawned in a vehicle, like Battlefield Bad Company 2. Depending on the stage of the game you are on, the vehicles available to you may be none, may be the human vehicles, or may be alien vehicles.

The shooting times

A smooth operation leads to a smooth game, right? The character controls are easy to pick up; they are easy to control leading to a smooth operation. Splendid, right? Not always. As whilst the character controls are easy to operate, the vehicle controls do not handle in the same way giving an unbalanced user experience. I personally felt it was better to stay away from the vehicles unless someone else was operating them because a piggyback ride isn't always a bad thing. The precision of the on foot combat allowed for a better user experience, and the vehicle's precision lacked so I just stayed away from navigating a vehicle.

When playing the modes we were making sure to play the objectives, like all good teammates. These objectives are either gain the most kills or capture an item, once captured you had to return the item from the opponent’s base to your own (basically a CTF mode), once captured your team would score the points.

The capture the item mode was enjoyable; the matches were well balanced as a mix of mayhem versus teamwork collided. This was a defining moment viewing as a spectator; you could see the different personalities of the players come through into their characters in the midst of battle. Usually, when a capture the item mode is offered within a game, the players who work together dominate the other team very quickly and the match is over within seconds. This was not the case with Squids from Space as both sets of players enjoyed themselves in an even playing field. This was achieved because of the maps Squids from Space make players stumble due to misjudgements, and thus allowing for the other team to recover the item if they chose too.

Squids from Space or Space With a Chance of Squids?

Fun Bits (the developer) have created a strong top-down PvP shooter with Squids from Space. It's an enjoyable, excitable experience on the PC for friends and family to enjoy against each other. The game is well supported with frequent updates released to enhance the game experience for players. If you enjoy a wild and whacky multiplayer game that handles the balance between competition and laughing out loud well then Squids from Space will not let you down.

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The Good

Smooth Player Controls
Enjoying Shooting Mechanics
Balanced Multiplayer

The Bad

Limited Maps
Difficult Vehicle Controls


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