Death Parade

By Gemma | 14 Nov 2017
Death Parade was produced in 2015 and is an anime series, based on a short anime film called Death Billiards. Produced by Madhouse for the Young Animator Training project in 2013. It consists of 12 episodes with the opening theme named “flyers” by Bradio with the ending theme named "last theater" by Noisycell. To avoid Spoilers I will add an opinion and minor details such as character development and small information that won't spoil the anime for you.

Death Parade takes a very unique and individual point of view on death and what occurs after death, their point of view is that everyone goes to a place of limbo where they are judged and either sent on to be reincarnated or doomed to suffer in eternity, sounds familiar and like how most things portray the afterlife right? Well in those ways yes, but their unique spin on it, is that people play a game at random. Each game is different and strange in its own way and the results of the game will portray the person's innermost feelings and behaviors and ultimately decide their fate.


Decim: Is the Bartender of the bar,where limbo is held, he features in every episode and his mannerisms make him very unique, he has a twisted sense of being; where he enjoys making mannequins of people he has judged in the past, which when shown appear rather creepy until it is later explained. Throughout the anime my feelings of Decim greatly change at first he appears cold and creepy, however towards the end of the series I really warmed to him you see he isn't nearly as creepy as he is portrayed in fact he is rather lonely and you find yourself being drawn to him and what happens to him.

Chiyuki: Our main protagonist, she arrives in limbo with no memory of who she is or what happens and for a long time is referred to as the “black-haired woman”, she becomes the assistant to Decim in limbo learning the tricks of the trade as it were. My opinion of Chiyuki is one of admiration you instantly like her from the get-go she has very high morals and is seemly very confused at the beginning and isn't wanting to accept what she is being told, you begin to feel sorry for her and sympathise with her but throughout the series she really blossoms as a character she accepts her fate and her new role in life or should I say the afterlife and does her best to help Decim.

Nona: She oversees the whole of limbo, which is portrayed as a massive tower with multiple floors. Limbo's bar which is named Quindecim is on the 15th floor, each floor has its own form of bar with different arbiters who judge the death games and the fate of the people in them Nona resides on the 90th floor of this tower and definitely has an ulterior motive. To start with Nona was my least favorite character; she is cold, unfeeling, power-hungry and very strict business-like even though she appears to be extremely young. By the end of the series, my feelings for Nona have warmed she isn't as bad as she seems throughout and even does a fair few loving and kind things behind the scenes which are later brought to life.

There are many other characters that feature in the anime but all in a smaller capacity, a large array of arbiters and also newly deceased humans during the 12 episode series.


My Opinion of the Anime is that it is unique and a very different view on the afterlife, the character development is very thoughtful and well done progressing in a manner you would expect with showing backstory regularly on a majority of the characters the artwork is dark but brightly coloured in dark shades and fits in with the theme and feel of the anime. As does the music used during it. Each episode is interesting and gripping and the games played and portrayed are unique. When each game is first announced it seems like just an ordinary game me or you would play but as it progresses there are unique differences or rather disturbing ones you wouldn't expect to see.

The series can be watched in either dubbed or subbed and I don't think anything is lost in either, translations are accurate and the English voices are suitable. The anime only has one series and unfortunately I don't feel it ends where it should as there is a lot more that could be shown and disappointingly isn't. I still feel that even though the anime is unfinished in my eyes, it is well worth a watch to see the unique standpoint this anime has come up with regarding the afterlife, the way the characters progress and the unique games involved throughout.

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