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Play Expo Manchester 2017

By Cameron | 12 Oct 2017


Play Expo is a gaming event held in Manchester, on for its sixth year, it is expecting 25,000 attendees. It will be held at event city, in Manchester near the Trafford centre and will be running through Saturday 14th October to Sunday 15th October. Tickets can be purchased here for the two days.

The event will contain a wide variety of activities to do, including visiting the retro games they have on offer for you to try. This year they have around 500 machines running retro games on them, giving Play Expo bragging rights over the fact that they are running the most retro games at a convention across the whole of Europe. As well as this they also give the opportunity for us to play on arcade machines, each one is free to play, so you can keep all of that copper in your pocket somewhere else while you visit.

Donít fancy retro games? Then Play Expo offers you the chance to try out some of our current generation gaming, and they will even let you play some games before they reach the shelves of your local GAME or CeX, as well as try any other AAA releases like Tekken 7 or the critically acclaimed Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy! Or if you fancy something a little out of the ordinary, you can access some PlayStation's and Xbox live games on certain consoles as well as multiplayer games running on the highest spec PCs. Now, for all of you who like to take a trip back in time (or to the future) with the tabletop gaming, available for you to play on the days!

Tournaments are growing in the industry, especially at gaming expoís and over at Play Expo they are holding a few tournaments to take note of. There is a few you have to pay to enter, like the Killer Instinct tournament being held (fighting game on Xbox One for those of you who donít know), but it is only a five pounds entry fee. As well as this, there is a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament taking place as well. This shows that Play Expo is offering a wide variety of tournament options. All of these are supported by Manchester Battle Arena. As well as this, the critically acclaimed Dark Room is coming to Play Expo over the event. What is this? The worldís first text-based game which is live action as well! A great one for all of us text lovers. Play Expo loves rooms as well, they also have escape rooms to attend too in the event as well.

The Show

At Play Expo, we were being given protein shakes from the company called Nurishment. And how did we feel about this? We felt great! This is a brand new thing for an ever-innovating game event. Rather than your typical energy drink being given out for free, like Tornado at the EGX event (even though I didnít see them at the 2017 EGX, I was fairly sad). We were being given healthy drinks, steering away from the unhealthy stereotypes of gamers constantly drinking monster or products alike. As well as this, Nourishment was showcasing their game at the event.
This game is aimed at their target audience of teenagers and young adults or anyone who drinks their product. †The game can be used online or on mobile, it can only be played by using promo codes given through promotional packs of their drinks. Use this code to spin the fruit machine, and win prizes! All of this, just from drinking a drink.

Goldeneye back on the N64 was the golden age of gaming. Especially FPS shooters. The game is known for being a great couch co-op game and has been used in retro zones at events like EGX. So Play Expo brought us one of the developers of the game which no matter what age, will hold something in our hearts. This developer was speaking about the anniversary of the game itself, as well as being just an all-around great guy. He signed/autographed many copies of the game as well, for the fans that visited him.

Now, we move onto Machinima Online. Yes Machinima, a company I only recently found out still existed, as itís been a long time since Iíve seen their spinning M on Youtube videos. They were on the stage, bringing a fantastic and interactive showcase of WWE 2K18, the most recent in the WWE game franchise. As well as this, News2Gamers host Simon Hill was hosting this for us.

Finally, Play Expoís highlight game was Raging Justice. The game was both developed and published by MakinGamesLTD and was released a couple of years ago. But it was able to be played at Play Expo, giving out huge amounts of fun for us all who attended. What is Raging Justice? To put it simply, ever remember the true 2D fighters? Before all of this pseudo 2D came into play with 3D figures and all that funky jazz. It brings on a modern take of that, giving nostalgia to the old fighting fans and bringing in new fighting fans who may have been introduced to the genre through the recent Mortal Kombat, Tekken or Injustice games.

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